Why I chose Young Living Essential Oils


Quality Matters

First, I want to say that I do not condone "oil bashing" or talking down of this or that company on this website or my Facebook page. I'm saddened by all the effort and time spent on negative thoughts towards one another or Company X. I went into my oil journey open minded and not biased one way or the other. I wasn't personally affiliated with anyone and wasn't "talked" into anything. 

I'm a researcher by nature and set out to find out on my own what was right for my family. I found a few things that concerned me about some of the companies, but I won't speak about that here. I want to focus on why I chose Young Living and why quality matters.

High quality essential oils are harder to come by because of the price first of all. Producing the purest of oils may require several hundred pounds, or even several thousand pounds of plant material to yield one pound of pure essential oils. For example, one pound of pure melissa oils sells between $9,000-$15,000. It's this high because 3 tons of that plant material is required to produce a single pound of oil.

Since most of the oils produced around the world are used the perfume industry, the oils are being purchased for only their aromatic qualities. To produce large amounts of oil quickly, some improper practices may be used during distillation such as high temperatures, high pressure, rapid processing, and chemical solvents. As a result, these oils may smell good but lack the chemical constituents that produce the powerful therapeutic results we know and hear about. 

I urge you, whatever you choose, do your research and know the difference. Buying oils at a health food store may be cheaper but it could be adulterated and likely won't produce the results. I frankly would not use them on my family, especially my precious child.

Why I chose Young Living

Young Living was started by Gary Young. He comes from a family line of farmers and knew he always wanted to farm something. It all started when he started his own organic herb farming and distillation operation in the 1993. Although he was already familiar with the effects of essential oils, he was disturbed that the quality of oils varied greatly.

From the start he knew he wanted to produce the highest quality essential oils in the world, so he went to France and studied under the 2 most famous oil distillers in the world (he was their only student). Over 20 years later and Young Living is the world leader in Essential Oils and their practices remain the same for all of their farms.

I really like how open YL is about their farming practices and the locations of their farms. I know when I buy meat for my family, I like knowing where it comes from. This was the first thing that attracted me, the information was out in the open and clear to find. If you call customer service, they are knowledgeable about the Company, if they aren't sure, they will find someone who is. In addition, here are a few things about YL that I found to support my decision:

  • They use organic practices on all their farms. No chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. They rely on natural means to condition the soil like planting alfalfa which is rich in nitrogen, and composting any materials that had not been used (they compost over 300 tons a year!). Also, they use essential oils as a natural bug spray. 
  • They take great care in growing the plant. Plants are grown from the original seed stock and not from hybrids! This is very important because to get an oil with many constituents all the plants should not have all the same properties. They also hand weed  (I can barely keep up with my yard)
  • They own 11 of their own farms around the world (and adding more!) and oversee each aspect from the seed to the bottle. No brokers! In fact, their farm in Utah is open to the public. You can take a tour and even see what it's like to harvest a plant. They give you the names and locations of all of their farms which to me says a lot. (To see a map of their farms you can visit www.seedtoseal.com)
  • Testing. YL has labs that perform rigorous tests on all of their oils, if it doesn't meet their high standards they throw it out! (Only 28% of YL's oils tested will be sold to members) They also have third party testing done as well.
  • Seed to Seal guarantee. The only company that offers this!
  • Young Living oils do not expire! Quality essential oils will not expire if stored properly.
  • Young Living offers the largest selection of singles and blends available 

I'm so pleased with the support I have received through Young Living and everyone I have worked with. In addition, my team, Revolution Oils, offers private Facebook groups where you can ask questions and get the latest updates,  free continuing education classes, and tools to learn how to use essential oils and Young living products safely.

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Eat well, pray more, move often!


*The source of the information on this page was gathered from the 2013 edition of the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils,  and videos provided by Young Living. Other information was taken from my own experience with the company and in speaking with customer service. You can see the Young Living videos on my Resources page. To read more about Young Living and founder Gary Young, click here.