Welcome, my name is Julia and I'm so glad you are here! I have a B.S. degree in Exercise Science with a dual minor in Health and Biology. I worked in Corporate Wellness as a Health Fitness Specialist until the birth of my first born son in May 2013. I now am a proud, full time, on call, stay at home mom and loving every precious minute. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and always knew we wanted to be in our hometown of Nashville, TN when we started our family. He has been steadfast throughout it all and I am grateful for the love and support he has shown me over the years.

 Photo Credit: Sherri Duffek

Photo Credit: Sherri Duffek

This site is a culmination of my different passions and I would love for you to join me as I continue to learn more about natural living and holistic ways to improve our health and the health of our loved ones. I pray that my story can encourage you wherever you are in your health journey and that you are able to live life abundantly and enjoy all that God has planned for you!


I developed an interest in health and fitness in college but it wasn't until I had health problems after college that my journey began. About a year after I was married I started to notice a gradual decline in my health. I suffered from severe fatigue, chronic headaches and migraines, back and neck pain, fibrocystic breasts, thyroid problems, allergies, and debilitating monthly cycles. On top of it all, my migraine medication would trigger anxiety. All the health problems started to consume me and I felt overwhelmed and discouraged.

Why was it that doctor after doctor kept telling me I was fine? Was I not there for a reason? I would think to myself, "I'm not fine!" I was frustrated that I was SO health conscience and I was still suffering. I was in my 20's and I was afraid that time was going to pass by without me enjoying it. I knew that I had to be my own health advocate, so I began reading and researching.

It became clear that my health was a giant puzzle and I had to restore it one piece at a time. I prayed for the Lord to heal me and while it was frustrating at the time to not feel immediate relief, I see he was leading and guiding me to each new discovery and doctor.

My first step was finding out I had allergies and began to eliminate them from my diet. I had environmental allergens as well as food allergies. I immediately went off dairy and nuts. Not long after, I had a Chiropractor suggest to me that I try eliminating gluten, so I did (reluctantly). I've always been a healthy eater, but if you know me you know I love to eat, this step was hard. I mistakingly started the diet before Thanksgiving and I remember crying at table because I couldn't have my Grandmother's yeast rolls. Yes, I know how this sounds but it was overwhelming and like I said, I love to eat.

So after taking out the things that were causing harm to my body I noticed some relief. A few months after going Gluten Free I realized that I no longer had any migraines! Next, I started looking into what was missing in my body that I could add back in. After some tests, I found out that my hormones for a woman my age were terribly low. In addition to imbalanced hormones, I discovered I had an iodine and Vitamin D deficiency as well as hypothyroidism. My body was a mess. So, I started adding back the nutrients my body needing through diet and supplements.

A couple years went by and I was slowly getting better, but my monthly cycles had gotten worse, so I finally went to my OBGYN. They discovered cysts on both of my ovaries as well a possible diagnosis of Endometreosis.  To be sure they had to do surgery.  The pain each month was excruciating. I had to keep prescription pain medication on hand at all times because I didn't know when it would hit. One minute I was training a client and another I was doubled over in pain. I once sat crouched in our break room at work waiting for my pain medicine to kick in before I could go back to work. It began to affect more than my physical body. I started to become fearful of the pain and when it would strike.

In addition to the endometriosis, I found a local Nurse Practitioner that prompted me to have more Thyroid tests done which concluded that I had Hashimoto's (a Thyroid disorder). WHAT!? I felt like every time I eliminated a symptom I gained a new one. She urged me to be cautious about getting pregnant because Hashimoto's could possibly cause me to miscarry. (I learned that Gluten is directly linked to Hashimoto's). My new goal was to get my numbers back in the healthy range and restore my body to health before pregnancy.

After discussing with my doctor and my husband and much prayer, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. I knew I had much better chances of being able to conceive if I had the surgery. We hadn't started trying at this point but individuals with Endometriosis have shown to have more difficulty.

I had surgery in April of 2012 and we found out I was pregnant in September. Praise! I was so thankful that I spent the last 5 years regaining my health. If I hadn't ,we likely would have had a much harder time conceiving. My health is a constant work in progress, but today I feel great and I am so deeply grateful that I have the energy and vitality to enjoy each day with my son and husband. To be in the game and not on the sidelines watching the world go by. 

Health is truly a gift from God, and while He is ultimately in control, I feel He has also given us many tools and resources within his creation to bring our health and bodies back into balance.

Why is it that I was so sick even though I was healthier than the average population? I don't think it was any one thing that caused my health problems, but I do think that we live in a toxic world and if we aren't careful disease can creep up and steal our health and our joy.


While I didn't receive instant gratification of healing, God did answer my prayers. He saw me through many challenging days and a long the way I learned so much about the body and it's ability to heal itself. I'm thankful for all that I have learned.

I have learned about how to create a non-toxic home, diet and nutrition, exercise, essential oils, and how to cook gluten free. I have been gluten free over 4 years now and I'm pleased to say I finally perfected the gluten free biscuit. Yes, it's possible to have a biscuit that doesn't taste like a rock! (recipe here)

Would you join me as I continue to make this journey to better health? No one can do it alone and we shouldn't have to! It is too overwhelming. I would love to share with you all I've learned and I would love to learn from you too. It is easy to forget what true health feels like until you've lost it.

My friend, please don't take it for granted. Let's strive to better our health and the health of our families so that future generations don't have to suffer. Let's get started!

Eat well, pray more, and move often!